About Us


At Outdoor Accents LLC we take pride in helping our clients achieve beautiful & healthy outdoor environments. We custom design, install, manage & service underground Irrigation & Lighting Systems for homeowners, commercial properties, condo associations & sports field complexes.

We also provide a continuous service for the systems we manage. You can be assured that we offer quality workmanship and a trusting relationship for many years to come. Our team is professionally trained & educated in design, installation, and maintenance of your Irrigation & Lighting Systems.


We service and maintain residential and commercial irrigation systems.

We continuously see new clients with existing irrigation systems “sign on” with us because of poor service or lack of communication with their previous irrigation contractor, and we are very happy to get the chance to meet and service those new clients.

We have made a significant investment in order to provide the best level of repair service possible. All of our service technicians are fully trained, certified, and continuously educated in the “latest and greatest” irrigation technologies.

We are here to help you maintain your beautiful property, and as always, bring you great customer service.

Outdoor Accents President

Big or small, your system will receive the same care & dedication from our team of experts. We are committed to 100% client satisfaction. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.

Steve Brown, President

My Passion is my company, and with that Passion comes hard work & dedication. As the President of Outdoor Accents LLC, I am extremely dedicated to providing an outstanding service for all of my clients. I am also very thankful for the ongoing relationships I have with each and every client.

Do you want high quality lighting and irrigation?